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The goal of alfalfa seed Integrated Pest Management is to optimize control of Lygus bug and other pests of alfalfa plants and reproductive structures, while preserving pollinating bee populations when the plant is in bloom.

Components of alfalfa Seed IPM include:
bulletInsecticide application prior to releasing bees (Prebloom);
bulletLarge bee populations for rapid pollination and thus an escape from predation for seed pods;
bulletApplication of insecticides with short residual times in the evening after peak pollination when lygus populations are above threshold. (Bloom sprays)

Alfalfa is clipped (mowed) in late April to early May in some areas of the Northwest to delay bloom until mid June, when temperatures are warmer and bees are most active.

We wondered if this cultural practice could be better incorporated into alfalfa seed IPM by optimizing for lygus control..

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