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Pollination Ecology
at the University of Idaho
Karen Strickler
Division of Entomology

Part 4

The Effects of Pollinator Movement and Abundance on Alfalfa Seed Yield

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Table of Contents

Title Slide 

Bee release

Bees may move between flowers on the same plant.


Growers can delay the start of bloom.

Growers can control the timing of bee emergence.

Tested hypothesis with:

Hand pollinations

Manipulating standing crop

Flower standing crop treatments

Bee movement treatments

Results: Standing crop.

Photo: Plants in greenhouse.

Results: Racemes per plant.

Results: Flowers per raceme.

Results: Pods per bract

Results: Seeds per pod


Do bees move within plants?


Results: movement. between plants

Results: Flowers per raceme

Flowers per raceme, high standing crop

Results: More flowers per raceme early season.

Marked racemes

Seeds per pollination in succession on the same plant

Simulation methods 1

Simulation methods 2

Simulation results

Conclusion 1

Conclusion 2

Author: Karen Strickler

Email: karens@pollinatorparadise.com

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