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Calculate how many seeds set on average for each flower based on logarithmic decline function.


Sum seed set over 250 flower visits.


Repeat 100 random foraging bouts; average seed set.

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Then we calculated how many seeds should be set on average for each flower visited based on the logarithmic decline function that we generated from hand pollinations.
We summed the seed set over 250 flowers per bout.
And repeated the process 100 times, getting an average expected seed set.
We did this first for a high standing crop distribution of flowers per raceme, and then for a low standing crop distribution of flowers per raceme.
Results of the simulation are published in:
Strickler, K. and J. Vinson. 2000. A simulation of the effect of pollinator movement on alfalfa seed production. Environ. Entomol. 29(5):907-918. (download PDF file)
Download the MSExcel file with the simulation program, and an MSWord file with further explanation (coming soon).  Note:  The excel file contains macros (VBA programs) that must be enabled for the simulation to run.